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Bug#322091: Bluefish

[it took me a while to understand it was a different 'Daniel' ;-) ]

On Qua, 2005-08-10 at 18:48 +0200, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> Short advice: The source contains obsolete bluefish_icon1.xpm and
> doubled (bluefish.)postinst and (bluefish.)postrm. 

Cool, I didn't want to step on Evo's shoes by removing stuff I didn't
think was usefull (but could have been somehow), so this cleaned up
version could be your first official upload.

> 1.0.3rc1 is out.

I don't think it's a good idea to upload RC-level versions, unless
you're pretty sure these versions are just for really minor bug solving.
Else they might end up generating unecessary and duplicated bug reports,

> But I would suggest an alternative solution: I am member of the upstream
> authors team and I am maintaining the Debian packaging files since a
> while. Further I (try to) fix the mentioned bugs for bluefish directly
> in the upstream. It is really no big deal to package bluefish. So maybe
> it is a good or even the best solution, if I take over the
> maintainership, because I am directly involved in upstream. I am no DD
> so I would need a sponsor. If you have questions about my skills, please
> ask. My (unofficial) packaging work for Debian can be found at
> http://debian.wgdd.de/debian/. Please think about this offer and tell me
> your opinion.

In this case I think it's really a good idea for you to be the
OTOH, it's generally regarded[1] as the best option not to include the
debian dir upstream, so it would be nice to remove it, if possible.

Is the version on your (Daniel Leidert's) site already cleaned up?

Just as a side question: Daniel Baumann is already in queue to become a
DD, what about Daniel Leidert? This is not really important, it's mainly
just curiosity so I can understand the future 'modus operandi' for the
uploads (Will I - or any other DD, for that matter - have to sponsor
each and every upload?).


[1] allright, I'm to lazy to find the links to the discussions regarding
this, but I can find it if you reeeeally want to know =]


 Leo Antunes
 <costelaaa@ig.com.br> | <costela@debian.org> | <costela@gmail.com>

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