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Bug#322091: Bluefish

Am Mittwoch, den 10.08.2005, 11:43 -0300 schrieb Leo "Costela" Antunes:
> On Qua, 2005-08-10 at 16:25 +0200, Daniel Baumann wrote: 
> > Just one hour ago, I did the 1.0.2 package, I'll upload it to my
> > webserver when I come home this evening :) However, I would like to
> > maintain it for real, so can I persuade you for a co-maintainership?
> > Independently from that, I would be happy if you can sponsor the upload,
> > as my normal sponsor is very busy atm.
> Well, we got a mess here... I uploaded 1.0.2 last night,

Short advice: The source contains obsolete bluefish_icon1.xpm and
doubled (bluefish.)postinst and (bluefish.)postrm. 

> as my last NMU for Evo, before he proposed for me to take over the
> package.
> So you're gonna have to wait till the next version to take this over.

1.0.3rc1 is out.

But I would suggest an alternative solution: I am member of the upstream
authors team and I am maintaining the Debian packaging files since a
while. Further I (try to) fix the mentioned bugs for bluefish directly
in the upstream. It is really no big deal to package bluefish. So maybe
it is a good or even the best solution, if I take over the
maintainership, because I am directly involved in upstream. I am no DD
so I would need a sponsor. If you have questions about my skills, please
ask. My (unofficial) packaging work for Debian can be found at
http://debian.wgdd.de/debian/. Please think about this offer and tell me
your opinion.

Regards, Daniel

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