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Re: Planning: Minimum System Requirements

> > It seems that a good place to start for this project is defining what the
> > minimum system requirements for running the Debian-Win32 should be.  Here
> > is what I propose:
> >
> > CPU:  Pentium.  Setting this as high as is reasonable makes for better
> >       optimization of the generated code.  While I think Pentium-II
> >       would be an even better choice, I assume it includes instructions
> >       not available on other high-end CPUs of today, such as the AMD
> >       Athalon.
> Maybe require the MMX instruction set?  MMX helps most for multimedia
> stuff, but also for big memory copies.  SSE (aka KNI (on PIII and
> P4), aka 3dNow professional (on AMD K7 Palomino and later, and K8, see
> http://www.sandpile.org/impl/k7.htm)) is too high a requirement.  It is
> great for FP math, esp. on P4 (with SSE2).  Requiring 3dNow doesn't make
> sense, because that's AMD-only.

Yeah, I agree that requiring a P-III is a bit much.  We could probably move
to this requirement at some point in the future.  Since this system will
be an add-on on top of another OS, it's likely to need less legacy support.

So, "Pentium with MMX" instruction set?  Is there anything in the P-II
instruction set also common with competetive AMD chips?  (I'm afraid I'm
a bit out of touch on all this -- most of my work lately is on an 8051.)

> > OS:   Windows 2000 or XP.  Since 95/98/ME/NT are obsolete by MS standards,
> >       I don't think we need to support it.  Let's make use of the abilities
> >       of the newer operating system versions rather than try to be
> >       compatible across all of them.
> Unix on Win32 is hard enough as it is, so yeah, good idea.  People with
> older systems can use ordinary cygwin, or if they really want GNU/Linux,
> install it natively :)

Which is one of the reasons why I think we'll have fewer problems with
having to support legacy systems.  A combined system is only likely to
be used on workstations where people do development and those get replaced
every few years.  There won't be many back-room servers running a set-up
like this.

> > RAM:  128MB.  This is already a requirement of Windoze.
> >
> > DISK: 1GB.  This is also a requirement of Windoze.  Perhaps it should
> >       be 2GB to be able to hold both systems?
> Disk requirements are best specified in terms of free space
> remaining/needed, not total size of disk.  (RAM and CPU use are scheduled,
> so one process can use all of either while running, but disk space is not
> like that.)  1GB of free space sounds sensible, if maybe a bit high for a
> minimal setup.

Okay.  I guess we'll get more info on that as we get some packages together.
It gives us a target to stay within, though.

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