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Re: Planning: Minimum System Requirements

On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 10:04:46AM -0400, Brian White wrote:
> It seems that a good place to start for this project is defining what the
> minimum system requirements for running the Debian-Win32 should be.  Here
> is what I propose:
> CPU:	Pentium.  Setting this as high as is reasonable makes for better
> 	optimization of the generated code.  While I think Pentium-II
> 	would be an even better choice, I assume it includes instructions
> 	not available on other high-end CPUs of today, such as the AMD
> 	Athalon.

 Maybe require the MMX instruction set?  MMX helps most for multimedia
stuff, but also for big memory copies.  SSE (aka KNI (on PIII and
P4), aka 3dNow professional (on AMD K7 Palomino and later, and K8, see
http://www.sandpile.org/impl/k7.htm)) is too high a requirement.  It is
great for FP math, esp. on P4 (with SSE2).  Requiring 3dNow doesn't make
sense, because that's AMD-only.

> OS:	Windows 2000 or XP.  Since 95/98/ME/NT are obsolete by MS standards,
> 	I don't think we need to support it.  Let's make use of the abilities
> 	of the newer operating system versions rather than try to be
> 	compatible across all of them.

 Unix on Win32 is hard enough as it is, so yeah, good idea.  People with
older systems can use ordinary cygwin, or if they really want GNU/Linux,
install it natively :)

> RAM:	128MB.  This is already a requirement of Windoze.
> DISK:	1GB.  This is also a requirement of Windoze.  Perhaps it should
> 	be 2GB to be able to hold both systems?

 Disk requirements are best specified in terms of free space
remaining/needed, not total size of disk.  (RAM and CPU use are scheduled,
so one process can use all of either while running, but disk space is not
like that.)  1GB of free space sounds sensible, if maybe a bit high for a
minimal setup.

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