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Re: Planning: Minimum System Requirements

> > It seems that a good place to start for this project is defining what the
> > minimum system requirements for running the Debian-Win32 should be.
> No, you start with the *name*.</dilbert>

I don't follow.

> But seriously, this is b*****ks. The place to start is making some
> decisions and building some software. All else is just fluff and
> handwaving.

What do you think planning is if not making decisions?  It's where to go
and how you'll get there.  There are many paths and it's foolish not to
take a little while to look down the road a bit so that you can make
the right choices from the beginning and not have to retro-fit later.

> The first job is to answer certain key technical questions (discussion of
> which can be found in the archives of this list, but the .exe issue and 9x
> compatibility spring to mind).

That was asked and answered in the very first "planning" stage.  I proposed
that we try to make things match as closely to other Debian distributions
as possible (including dropping the .exe extension) and have the minimum
system requirements such that we could support this (i.e. NTFS).

> The last time I tried, one or more vanilla
> Cygwin devs strongly disagreed with me on how to resolve these issues, in
> spite of me pointing out exactly why the project wasn't going to work if
> we adhered to their beliefs. So I got bored and moved my attentions
> elsewhere.

The point I was trying to reach consensus on (and believe we did) was that
this would be a different distribution of Unix under Windows and not just
a re-packaging of the CygWin stuff.

> It's a shame, because I think it could be advantageous for both Cygwin and
> Debian. I've got 40-odd packages built, perhaps I'll pick it up again when
> I have some time to spare.

I believe so, too.  I would like to get some of this done and can do a fair
amount in many respects, but I don't know enough about the base system to
put that together.  Once that is done and the system becomes self-hosting,
then things can really get moving, but getting to that point is going to
be difficult.

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