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Planning: Minimum System Requirements

It seems that a good place to start for this project is defining what the
minimum system requirements for running the Debian-Win32 should be.  Here
is what I propose:

CPU:	Pentium.  Setting this as high as is reasonable makes for better
	optimization of the generated code.  While I think Pentium-II
	would be an even better choice, I assume it includes instructions
	not available on other high-end CPUs of today, such as the AMD

OS:	Windows 2000 or XP.  Since 95/98/ME/NT are obsolete by MS standards,
	I don't think we need to support it.  Let's make use of the abilities
	of the newer operating system versions rather than try to be
	compatible across all of them.

RAM:	128MB.  This is already a requirement of Windoze.

DISK:	1GB.  This is also a requirement of Windoze.  Perhaps it should
	be 2GB to be able to hold both systems?

FS:	NTFS.  We need the extended abilities of this filesystem to come
	reasonably close to the Unix way of doing things.  VFAT is
	depricated by MS, anyway.

I believe the goal should be to compile as close to native Linu as
possible.  This will greatly ease the integration with other Debian
architectures as well as making the distribution consistant across all
the platforms it supports.  I think this to be a more important
consideration than trying to be consistant with other CygWin installations.

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