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Re: Unidentified subject!

Robert Collins wrote:
On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 18:31, ${john}$ wrote:
Your case is so strong that you're not going to bother telling anybody what it is. Well gee, I'm convinced.

Up to you. Follow the lead or not. It's your time. I don't have the
energy or time to debate it.

I didn't want you to, I wanted a *reference*. If this idea has been so readily rejected, all you needed to do is point to the appropriate mailing list archives. I assume from Jeremie's messages today that the answer is a Cygwin list somewhere.

I notice you were unable to answer the question of who would fix all the Debian makefiles to accommodate ".exe". Without which, the project is never going to work on any significant scale.

Well, IIRC : isn't in the POSIX portable filename list anyway

But it is part of NTFS's POSIX namespace (as is every Unicode character except / and null) which means you may use it in a filename. (Whether any bit of Windows API will oblige you in this respect is another matter.)

The win32 API doesn't oblige you in that matter, according to the info
I've seen.

I think you're right.

...161 package files with names that differ only by capitalisation. Another little issue that people might want to consider, given that VFAT and the win32 and DOS NTFS namespaces preserve case but are not case sensitive.

Yep. You might want to check out cygwin's case matching options, which
allow you to enable the case sensitive POSIX mode under windows NT.

As I've implied, I don't really have the time to be working on this, I'm just pointing out some fundemental issues that need to be addressed.

John Ineson

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