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Re: Unidentified subject!


Am Mon, 2003-06-09 um 07.09 schrieb ${john}$:
> Apt doesn't work. I've not looked at it yet, shouldn't be too hard, but 
> it certainly doesn't compile ATM.

IMO that's the real killer - having apt up and running.
Apt bring's the real beauty and efficiency to Debian. If there's any
kind of inofficial repository for debian-w32, I guess a lot more people
around would start playing with and contributing to it.

Next would be to have the packages provided by cygwin itself inside the
apt repository so you could switch from using setup.exe, which has IMHO
some shortcomings (at least, it's GUI-based ;-), to apt without having
to install packages to /usr/local.
Another easy step would be to port packages available for cygwin but not
in the official repository. Like XEmacs, smbclient, XPlanet, ...

Just my 2¢,
Holger Spielmann

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