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Re: Unidentified subject!

On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 18:31, ${john}$ wrote:
> Robert Collins wrote:

> Your case is so strong that you're not going to bother telling anybody 
> what it is. Well gee, I'm convinced.

Up to you. Follow the lead or not. It's your time. I don't have the
energy or time to debate it.

> >>other files in Debian, etc).
> > 
> > Well, IIRC : isn't in the POSIX portable filename list anyway
> But it is part of NTFS's POSIX namespace (as is every Unicode character 
> except / and null) which means you may use it in a filename. (Whether 
> any bit of Windows API will oblige you in this respect is another matter.)

The win32 API doesn't oblige you in that matter, according to the info
I've seen.

> Looking back at was suggested on this list before, I note that it was 
> not substitution, but escaping and unescaping of problem-characters. In 
> practice, I'd say that's as good as storing the names correctly. (The 
> escaping would cause filenames would appear wrong from non-Cygwin apps; 
> but said apps wouldn't be able to use them if they were named correctly 
> anyway.) That system should work for Win9x too, although nobody should 
> think for one minute I give a damn about whether this port ultimately does.

Yep. Escaping and unescaping is the only feasible solution I've been
able to think of, short of a file system filter, which would be much
more trouble to maintain.

> ...161 package files with names that differ only by capitalisation. 
> Another little issue that people might want to consider, given that VFAT 
> and the win32 and DOS NTFS namespaces preserve case but are not case 
> sensitive.

Yep. You might want to check out cygwin's case matching options, which
allow you to enable the case sensitive POSIX mode under windows NT.


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