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RE: Unidentified subject!

I'm working on it since laast Monday... In a few weeks you'll have debian's
base system ported to cygwin (I really hope so  ;)    ).

Now, I've 18 ported packages to win32. Some of the base system an some not.

You'll receive news about me asap. 

Kind regards, 

Arnau Marcé

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De: David Krovich [mailto:dkrovich@csee.wvu.edu] 
Enviado el: martes, 03 de junio de 2003 1:11
Para: Leonardo Pereira
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Asunto: Re: Unidentified subject!

At Mon, 02 Jun 2003 19:09:10 -0300,
Leonardo Pereira wrote:
> The project debian-win32 is in action or it have stoped????

Seems pretty dead.  Interested in starting something back up?

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