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Re: get the project officially started

On Wed, 05 Dec 2001 23:37:22 Robert Collins wrote:
> I'll repeat myself.
> Until the test suite is run successfully, you have *no real* idea about
> this. You are guessing that pthreads, mmap, pipes and a bunch of other
> primitives that cygwin emulates are working properly.
> Console code is one of the key parts of cygwin, and Xterm emulators
> require that code working as well.

It does work, upstream version of cygwin is able to run X, GTK+,
and xterm. from http://cygwin.com/xfree/:

"Cygwin/XFree86 consists of an X Server, Xlib, and nearly all of the
standard X clients, such as *xterm*, etc.."


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#define m(i)(x[i]^s[i+84])<<
unsigned char x[5],y,s[2048];main(n){for(read(0,x,5);read(0,s,n=2048);write(1,s
,n))if(s[y=s[13]%8+20]/16%4==1){int i=m(1)17^256+m(0)8,k=m(2)0,j=m(4)17^m(3)9^k

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