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Re: get the project officially started

On Wed, 05 Dec 2001 15:31:13 Robert Collins wrote:
> The second one _does_ raise some good points.
> However, The w32 definition has already had good answer given for it in
> that thread.

do you refer to the discussion about the project name? looks like he's
just using that as an excuse to flame. I sent a message to clarify that
we agreed for a name, but i'm in doubt if it arrived. anyone saw it in

> The solution for the licensing/DFSG/policy comment is to start a thread
> on debian-legal. Calmly and clearly ask if anyone percieves problems,
> and then for any you cannot logically address, post a link here.

he claims that a discussion in -legal has already been done, i can't
find it there. do you know about it?

> Thirdly,
> Wine does not run Cygwin properly now. (please if you're going to argue,
> build cygwin on cygwin hosted in WINE and run the full testsuite. If
> nothing fails that doesn't fail on (say) win2K, then I'll accept that
> Cygwin works properly under WINE).
> Reactos does not run Cygwin now (I've been in the reactos lists for
> quite some time now :}).

Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> has just announced he put it to work,
console mode does not work though but it won't matter when we have x
terminal emulators.

> However, note that Cygwin has no non-free software dependencies in terms
> of building and distributing.
> To build cygwin on linux:
> make
> newlib
> gcc
> binutils
> winsup which means:
> w32api
> mingw
> cygwin
> So while one can only *use* cygwin on a MS produced platform, there is
> no requirement for that situation to stay, and cygwin can always be
> rebuilt from anywhere the above packages can be built on.

good point..

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