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Re: white listing packages in contrib???

* Samuel Thibault (sthibault@debian.org) [171217 10:37]:
> FI, with quick scripting I'm ending up with the following list of
> contrib packages which have a *build-time* dependency on non-free, which
> we thus currently have to build by hand:

AFAIR the debian policy, it's not allowed to have a dependency from
contrib to non-free. This includes both binary and source (i.e.
build-time) dependencies.

If that's a wise thing is another question.

IMHO the best would be to split non-free into "mostly useable" and
"don't touch this", and add "mostly useable" to the
build-dependencies. This however requires cooperation from the
ftp-masters. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend to take the legal
responsibility to build against non-free packages.


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