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Re: white listing packages in contrib???


FI, with quick scripting I'm ending up with the following list of
contrib packages which have a *build-time* dependency on non-free, which
we thus currently have to build by hand:

crafty-books-medium (crafty)
crafty-books-medtosmall (crafty)
crafty-books-small (crafty)
eztrace-contrib (cuda)
fdkaac (libfdk-aac)
ocaml-fdkaac (libfdk-aac)
doris (libtriangle)
hwloc-contrib (cuda)
caffe-contrib (cuda)
eztrace-contrib (cuda)
pycuda (cuda)
starpu-contrib (cuda)
ifeffit (pgplot5)
ruby-pgplot (pgplot5)
muttdown (python-pynliner)


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