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Re: white listing packages in contrib???

Hi Paul,

On 15.12.2017 10:35, Paul Gevers wrote:
> I recently requested two non-free packages to be white listed. However,
> I am now looking into speech-dispatcher-contrib, which is in contrib. I
> would love to avoid the manual build. Is there any way to have this
> package auto-build without moving it to non-free and have it white
> listed by you?

just as a clarification: The problem is not that contrib is not
autobuilt, it is. But you cannot depend on packages in non-free. I agree
that this is somewhat suboptimal, especially for arch:any packages like
this one. The past rationale has been that we need a way to filter the
non-free package lists during contrib autobuilding. Right now this is
also not done on the non-free side, instead the reviews casually do a
point in time inspection. So if the builder is building for non-free,
you get all of non-free at your disposal.

The whitelisting system only feeds into the availability of packages to
be built. There's currently not really a way to pass down further
information about a package to the builders, except extra_depends and
the like. Maybe the answer would be that the package merger would need
to set another boolean in the process.

Question from a different angle: How many packages in contrib have a
runtime dependency on packages in non-free today, rather than being
downloaders etc? If we'd actually allow autobuilding, would that make
the status quo worse or not affect it at all?

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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