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[p-a-s/sid] add a missing colon to gnat-gps's line [p-a-s/sid] Add armel to debian-edu-artwork [p-a-s/sid] Add llvm [p-a-s/sid] Backlist linux-any packages on non-linux arches. [p-a-s/sid] ethtool is Linux-specific [p-a-s/sid] Is now Linux only [p-a-s/sid] prctl is supported on powerpc [p-a-s/sid] qemu now supports mips and mipsel [p-a-s/sid] qemu-kvm is amd64 and i386 only [p-a-s/sid] Remove duplicate !hurd-i386 and fix ethtool's entry to have a colon. [p-a-s/sid] Remove tab introduces in previous commit. [p-a-s/sid] uclibc shouldn't get build on any debian arch [p-a-s/sid] Update lcd4linux armel build lost for quassel ... Bug#275835: marked as done (quinn-diff: lists packages it shouldn't for that arch.) Re: build-priorities usage changed -> use large values gnome-disk-utiliy 2.30.0-1 on powerpc lcd4linux is linux specific please binNMU apache2-mpm-itk in stable security Please give back on mips Please give back rsyslog 4.6.1-1 on ia64 Processed: tagging 275835 Processing of quinn-diff_0.71-1_amd64.changes Processing of quinn-diff_0.72-1_amd64.changes quinn-diff_0.71-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED quinn-diff_0.72-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Updates to the "wb" tool Wrong log file displayed in status/package.php The last update was on 06:07 GMT Mon May 27. There are 43 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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