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Re: build-priorities usage changed -> use large values

* Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org) [100228 16:15]:
> (To see the order I would propose add -OCWn to list=needs-build, which
> means calculated order, waiting days, name.)

Some more news: This change had broken the export of entries with
non-english last change fields, which buildds e.g. in the french
locale produced.  To fix that we replaced the last change field in the
database by an postgres now() on insert. Which in turn broke mkstats
and a few more things.

The final result is now that all timestamps in the database are
timestamps, and the database enforces this now. Also we have a new
option called "--format", which can be used for a couple of nice
things like:
wanna-build --format='%p_%v%{+b}B%B' -A mipsel --list=needs-build
(this gives all packages in the format package_version, including the
binNMU epoch if one is scheduled).

(%? gives specific fields, %{...}? gives the output if ? is not empty,
%{!...}? does the same if ? is empty. Please see the code for the
different possible values of ?.)


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