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Re: General resolution: Condemn Russian invasion of the Ukraine

Jonas Smedegaard dijo [Fri, Apr 08, 2022 at 12:52:31PM +0200]:
> > Hmm, debconf.org says "Copyright Software in the Public Interest, 
> > Inc", but there is no imprint or anything. DebConf as such is not 
> > listed as a separate project on https://www.spi-inc.org/projects/; of 
> > course it could still be part of systemd or another project.
> > 
> > DebConf is also not listed on 
> > https://www.debian.org/trademark#licenses, but uses Debian trademarks.
> > 
> > So it pretty much looks like DebConf is part of Debian.
> Sorry, I don't follow.  What you quoted above seems to indicate to me 
> that Debconf _uses_ Debian, not that it is legally a part of Debian.

Debian does not exist, legally :-)

DebConf is a project done largely by people in Debian, for Debian.

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