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Re: Informal Discussion: Identities of Voters Casting a Particular Ballot are No Longer Public

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Blough <bblough@debian.org> writes:

Okay, this message spoke to me powerfully.
I'm now in the strongly supporting this proposal camp, rather than the
hey I think this is a good idea and I'll do the leg work because it's a
way I can help out promote a good idea.
For me, even one person saying that they couldn't vote as they wished is
strong enough to overcome the benefits of public voting I am aware of.

I know a number of people have been interested in some mechanism to
make votes sometimes public.
I'd encourage you to work together and be prepared with an amendment
(which will probably be its own ballot option) to do that.

I think we're still waiting on text to resolve Don's desire that voters
be able to verify ttheir vote.
(As a reminder they can today, but Don proposes making that a
requirement and no one has disagreed.)
If Don doesn't get to that I'll  propose text.

I also notice that I didn't update section 4.1 to indicate that
secretary decisions can be put on hold; that's currently limited to TC
decisions and DPL (delegate) decisions.
I'll make that change too.

So expect a revised version in a few days.

I expect a timeline like:

1) Revised version in 2-3 days

2) say 3-4 days of comment on that

3) Formally propose and ask for sponsors.  Once sponsors come in, that
starts the real clock.


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