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Re: Secret Ballots: How Secret

>>>>> "Holger" == Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> writes:

    >> He asked that in a thread discussing stuff related to the project
    >> secretary, and I didn't think an answer belonged there.

    Holger> However that thread has 'secret ballots' in it's subject, so
    Holger> I still find it very relevant to the topic discussed there,

Clearly, we would not organize the discussion the same way.
It sounds like you heard me to say that I thought your message was
off-topic in that thread.
I'd ask you to hear me differently.
I thought my answer would have been off-topic, and as the one answering,
I got to choose where to put it.

I focused on my needs and desires in the message I wrote today, and I
regret that you read commentary about judgment of your actions that was
not present in what I wrote.
Yes, I would have been happier if you had gone back and replied to the
earlier secret ballot thread rather than bringing up this issue in the
thread I started specific to the question about the secretary.
But I didn't think you did anything wrong.  I thought you viewed things
differently than I id.
And as the one answering, I tried to find a solution that we'd both be
comfortable with.


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