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Re: Re: Cancel "culture" is a threat to Debian

> I do not understand what you mean by "why not?".

Literally: "why not?"

> The Debian Members are the most technical part of the Debian Community

That's not true, given we have teams, that don't do a technical work at all.

> I think there is a misunderstanding

Yep.  I meant, same it true for your opinions.

> The Debian Project will maybe take a political position if the GR
> outcomes allows it to do so

So, next time in GR DD's may approve USA aggression in Venezuela?

> And, being a Free Software-made OS doesn't forbid it to be more than that.

Unfortunately, it's so.  Obviously, you want to turn the Debian into
something "more than that".  But have you fixed all bugs in the packages
you do support?)

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