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Re: opinion on Choice 1


On 3/30/21 16:43, Pierre-Elliott Bécue wrote:
Le mardi 30 mars 2021 à 12:38:36+0200, Zlatan Todoric a écrit :

On 3/30/21 12:18, Ulrike Uhlig wrote:

On 29.03.21 20:37, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
Quoting Ulrike Uhlig (2021-03-29 10:58:13)
Sorry for my ignorance, but who are you? I cannot find your name in the
Debian contributor list.
Sorry for my ignorance, but who are you to ask that?  I cannot your
in the Debian mailinglist inquisitor list.
Concerning Vote002, we heard from someone in the
don't-sign-the-letter-camp about certain "events" (that's a quote, not a
euphemism) in Germany, someone else mentioned a "witch hunt", and now,
Jonas: the inquisition. w-o-w.

The reality is much simpler than that.
It is. You're calling out people and some have hard time to assume good
faith. Jonas just pulled the same sentiment on you and you feel called out.
People without voting rights repeatedly tried to lobby or push for a
certain agenda on this list. I'm tired of that and I think we'll all be
happier when this GR is over.
Jonas has voting rights, I myself have voting right and together with
Santiago R.R. (another voting member of Debian) drafted and published
another choice on this GR. And I agree with you, I know many of us are
unhappy with the GR entirely and will be much happier when it is over
because we are tired that this is pushed into Debian in such a way.
Well, your proposal is still a strong Statement about how Debian should
position itself towards the FSF. So in a way, you push less strongly but
you still push "this" into Debian.
I wouldn't agree with this statement, though it might be viewed as such if one wishes too. I didn't push this GR (there was no prior discussion on this topic, you just wake up with a GR in your yard) and our proposal is trying to get best out of it (because obviously many of us, including me, are very unhappy with FSF at this moment), because otherwise the choice would be to drop this GR entirely and this could leave a bitter taste or an undesired effect (and Debian had its own fair share of drama, I am not happy that we are embracing the FSF drama into the project). Individuals were free to sign that letter, but for some reason this needed to be pushed into Debian as a project and here we are.

I'll probably vote your amendment or Sruthi's one, but still, I relate
to what I interpret as frustration from Ulrike.

I relate that all sides are frustrated but also should be equally listened to and given the option how to move forward now that we ended up here.


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