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Re: opinion on Choice 1


On 29.03.21 20:37, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
Quoting Ulrike Uhlig (2021-03-29 10:58:13)
Sorry for my ignorance, but who are you? I cannot find your name in the
Debian contributor list.

Sorry for my ignorance, but who are you to ask that?  I cannot your name
in the Debian mailinglist inquisitor list.

Concerning Vote002, we heard from someone in the don't-sign-the-letter-camp about certain "events" (that's a quote, not a euphemism) in Germany, someone else mentioned a "witch hunt", and now, Jonas: the inquisition. w-o-w.

The reality is much simpler than that.

People without voting rights repeatedly tried to lobby or push for a certain agenda on this list. I'm tired of that and I think we'll all be happier when this GR is over.


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