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Re: Amendement to GR Statement regarding Stallman's readmission to the FSF board

Hi Phil,

On 3/30/21 14:15, Phil Morrell wrote:
Therefore, in the current situation, the Debian Project is unable to
collaborate both with the FSF and any other organisation in which Richard
Stallman has a leading position.
Hi Santiago,

I know this is more of a question about the original FSFE statement with
this phrasing, but since you're amending it anyway I was wondering if
you could expand upon the scope of this collaboration? preferably in the
amendment text, but I understand if a list reply is more suitable.

I'm not aware of any project level (i.e. funding, hardware or emails)
interaction with the FSF, given the minor disagreement over the non-free
archive. What about the GNU project? Are you asking DDs to only
communicate and submit patches in a personal capacity? "unable to
collaborate" implies there was collaboration before, so what exactly
would the Debian project stop doing?

Good question, we could probably amend that part with:

"Therefore, in the current situation, the Debian Project discourages collaboration both with the FSF and any other organisation in which Richard Stallman has a leading position."

On a personal note, RMS needs to go away. I am not talking about his statements where we would discuss are they technically correct but maybe not socially acceptable, I am talking about numerous accusations through years about his behavior towards women which is beyond shitty. He can't be a leader in any capacity anywhere, anymore.

On other hand, Debian Project is a collective of individuals, not a centralized authority on things, and we yield no power over FSF. Calling for his resignation has zero impact on them and we really shouldn't interfere in the internal working of other projects. What we can do is strongly recommend to avoiding any collaboration with such organizations as they are not representing what are we trying to achieve in our community, on contrary, they are making things worse in my opinion. We had people participate in FSF events as Debian Developers, we had FSF on DebConfs and we have individual memberships with FSF.

Debian is for me above the FSF by a long shot (and to be honest, FSF is not a leader in the FLOSS community for a long time), and I believe for many here, that is the same position. Withdrawing individual memberships and not having them on DebConfs and so on, will have a real impact on them without our need to interfere with them (and thus divide the Debian community because of FSF breakdown).

All best,


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