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Re: Re: Cancel "culture" is a threat to Debian

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On Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 02:53:16PM +0200, Stephan Lachnit wrote:
> Obviously the FSF can do whatever they want. They don't *have* to represent
> me. But that doesn't mean that I still felt that they did.

Maybe you should pay less attention to your "feelings" and more - to
the actual work for OSS?

Do you have objections e.g. against licenses, issued by FSF?  Such criticizm
could be logical.  Private opinions of the FSF leader (or a board
member) - not related with FOSS at all - are private opinions.

> Especially when that person was removed just two years ago, for
> whatever reason

There was no objective reasons and the person wasn't just "removed".  RMS
stepped down on his own decision (which was an obvious error).

> The reason I like free software is that nothing is behind closed doors.

Open debian-private@.  Or "this is different"?

> > There was no apology from RMS "critics", which e.g. improperly quote RMS
> > in the case of Minsky "defence" (the blame was itself is a lie).
> Honestly I don't know enough about RMS to argue about that, and I also don't
> want to discuss it here. For me, the circumstances are reason enough to call
> the FSF out.

Maybe you should learn more about facts, before doing any decision for yourself?

> no need for conspiracies about cancel culture.

It's not a conspiracy theory.  It's that it is.

(And looking on the sponsors pages it seems to be clear "qui prodest".)

> If you don't think Debian is democratic, I urge you to read the Constitution
> again [1]. Not every contributor can vote, yes, but I argue that this is normal.
> I can't vacation in a different country and demand the right to vote.

People don't just do a vacation in the Debian.  They do work.  Actual
work: not just flaming in the maillists, but package software, fix bugs and
so on.

> I'll have to back down on the diversity statement, haven't checked various
> pages like the CoC [2], I don't see a direct statement on this. I guess
> it's fine if someone is against it as long as there are no personal attacks.

There is no option.  If the technical project is a part of some political
statement on my behalf - I should be part of this or leave.

> > > Obviously, everyone is free to disagree and can sign the support letter.
> > > There is no problem
> >
> > See above.  That's not a problem for you, yes.
> I don't get it. It's a democratic vote. If the vote is in favor of this, then so
> be it. If you disagree with the majority, then disagree. Nobody cares.

The simple (not just one) problem is: I did (now, in past) some work for
the Debian - but I can't vote.  Yet, the project do political decisions
on my behalf.

Another problem is that people come in Debian to make a free operating
system, not for politics.  Next time you may vote to support bomb the North Korea.

> If you think it's that big of a problem for you, you can leave the project.

Sure, I already did
(https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2021/03/msg00141.html).  Lets
see how this works...

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