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Re: Asking DPL to shorten Discussion Period for rms-open-letter

Hi Sam,

Quoting Sam Hartman (2021-03-28 23:55:42)
> >>>>> "Jonas" == Jonas Smedegaard <jonas@jones.dk> writes:
> There were a lot of messages here, and I may have missed some.

Sorry for my part of that: I wish I were able to express my opinions 
more compactly.

> When I last paid attention to this, you were concerned about whether 
> the letter was an attempt at public shaming.
> As a personal choice, I reject shaming fairly strongly.
> But now somehow the discussion has moved on to whether the accusation 
> in the letter is necessary and whether Debian risks legal issues by 
> signing on.

To me it is one and the same issue: I do not want to take part in 
bullying/shaming/libel/throwing mud/making accusations and therefore I 
don't want Debian to do so either.  That it poses a legal risk is for me 
an indication of the underlying issue for me: That it is wrong to do so.

> The legal question is not interesting to me; I think the risk to 
> Debian is one I'm quite willing to accept.
> But the shaming question is interesting to me (at least under my 
> fairly narrow definition of shaming).
> I'd like to see if I'm understanding your argument.
> Are you saying that by making an unnecessary accusation we would be 
> shaming?
> And so you'd like to understand whether the accusation is necessary to 
> understand whether we are shaming?

Yes to both questions.

 - Jonas

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