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Re: Amendment to rms-open-letter GR

Hello Jonathan,

On Thu 25 Mar 2021 at 10:50PM +02, Jonathan Carter wrote:

> I'm not sure I like this. I believe that removing the board is a
> critical part of the letter. They are 4 friends that RMS chooses that he
> chose because they never appose him. They are not elected by members of
> the FSF but a self-selected cabal.
> I'm not sure what the plans would be if the board would actually resign,
> clearly RMS and the board have no intention of doing so (at least by
> their choice of language in that announcement), but ideally the board
> would be selected by the community and be held accountable by them,
> currently they answer to no one and let RMS do whatever he feels like
> without consequences.

Thank you for the input.  At least one board member who voted against
the readmission of Stallman has resigned, and it would seem that the
vote was actually among all the voting members, which includes the
board.  So it seems things are quite complicated -- should the call be
for all the existing voting members to be replaced?  I'm not sure, which
is why I suggested just saying something about what's most important,
which is the removal of rms.

Sean Whitton

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