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Re: How can we make Debian packaging more standardised?

On 2021-03-24 10 h 37, Simon Richter wrote:
> The vast majority of the software we ship works fine with a two-line
> systemd unit and three debhelper control files, and that is exactly what we
> should be using for these cases, but we cannot generalize that to a
> requirement, and people wishing to contribute to packages not served well
> by the abstraction will continue to need to look under the hood.

Thus coming back to my original point: if we had a standard Debian
packaging guide, it would make everyone's life easier.

There currently is none, but the fact this guide can't apply to all
Debian packages shouldn't be stopping us.

When people want to learn how to package things, we could tell them
"hey, have a look at this, this is how most Debian packaging should be

It would also be easier to standardise team workflows, as we could
probably all default to the "Standard guide".

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