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Re: What changes do you want in Debian?


On Fri, 19 Mar 2021, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Nobody is addressing me, but it's a long-held tradition that we all
> jump to whatever mailing list posts that in some way itches us ;-)

Definitely. :-)

> Given that both candidates, plus the previous DPL, already answered,
> and I feel they all felt the same I did when reading your
> question... Could you give examples of prior DPLs leading "concrete
> changes that we want in Debian"? Do you mean in a technical sphere?
> (i.e. like when Sam pushed for standarization in our Git workflows) Or
> do you mean on a social, organizational sphere (such as the Debian
> Diversity Statement, during Stefano's period, and the adoption of the
> CoC, during Lucas')? Or do you mean specific reform goals stated as
> DPL platforms (as Brian's campaign last year)?

I mean changes that have the potential to affect every project
contributor in some way, be it through improvements of our day to day
work, new challenges to tackle, or through an updated vision for the
project at large, or other wide-ranging changes like that.

Keeping track of our finances is important work but as a Debian contributor,
it will not change much and it doesn't bring me any confidence in the
fact that Debian is evolving and adapting to the ever-changing environment
around us. However fil's idea of sharing the budget between all Debian
developers is an interesting move to give a wider impact on this topic.

Sam tried to standardize a bit the git packaging workflows, Mehdi tried
to build some team in charge of setting a roadmap, Neil tried to push
for PPA, but I don't find anything like that in this year's platform.

The world around us is changing and while we concentrate only on fixing
our internal problems (which are important to solve!), we risk of becoming
more and more irrelevant. We need to fix our issues, and I believe the DPL
should get paid help to fix them, but I also believe that the DPL should
lead Debian in new directions: our values must remain, but our purpose and
our mission needs to evolve.

> I am not asking "just because", but rather, maybe we all misunderstood
> your point. Does ellaborating in this way help it reach its point?

Indeed, thank you for your question. I phrased my initial question in a
somewhat provocative tone and I might I have missed my objective by
being too short on explanations, but IMO there are reasons to be concerned.

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