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Re: What changes do you want in Debian?

Raphael Hertzog dijo [Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 10:13:54AM +0100]:
> Dear Debian DPL candidates,

Nobody is addressing me, but it's a long-held tradition that we all
jump to whatever mailing list posts that in some way itches us ;-)

> when I look back at my old platforms[1][2]3] I can already see a trend
> where we move from "concrete changes that we want to see in Debian" to
> "some vague idea of how we want to run the project" but this trend seems
> to have continued and amplified to the point that this year none of the
> platforms speak of any change that would affect something in how we build
> our operating system or how we collaborate together or of how we
> envision our role in the free software ecosystem!
> (...)

Given that both candidates, plus the previous DPL, already answered,
and I feel they all felt the same I did when reading your
question... Could you give examples of prior DPLs leading "concrete
changes that we want in Debian"? Do you mean in a technical sphere?
(i.e. like when Sam pushed for standarization in our Git workflows) Or
do you mean on a social, organizational sphere (such as the Debian
Diversity Statement, during Stefano's period, and the adoption of the
CoC, during Lucas')? Or do you mean specific reform goals stated as
DPL platforms (as Brian's campaign last year)?

I am not asking "just because", but rather, maybe we all misunderstood
your point. Does ellaborating in this way help it reach its point?


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