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Delegation for the DebConf Committee

Dear Developers,

It is my pleasure to announce the creation of the DebConf Committee as
an official team of the Debian project.

The role of the DebConf Committee is threefold:

- make final decisions about who will organize DebConf, as defined in
  the bid process;

- take long-term responsibility for DebConf, both during preparations
  for a particular year's conference with a team they selected, and in
  ensuring in the longer term that the conferences continue to be
  successful and positive for Debian.

- advise the DPL on decisions that are not delegated, such as the
  final DebConf budget approval.

The DebConf committee is formed of former DebConf organizers and
people with a deep knowledge of DebConf organization.


DebConf Committee

I hereby appoint the following developers as members of the DebConf

- Jonathan Cristopher Carter
- Daniel Lange <dlange>
- Lucas Nussbaum <lucas>
- Dider Raboud <odyx>
- Stefano Rivera <stefanor>

The delegation is not time-limited. It will be effective until further
changes by present or future DPLs.

Task Description

1) Bid Process

The DebConf Committee serves as an institutional memory of DebConf.
As such, it is in the best position to review proposals. More
specifically, the DebConf Committee is responsible of the following

- make final decisions about who will organize DebConf;

- define a set of goals to fulfill to ensure a successful DebConf;

- appoint at least one DebConf committee member that will mentor the
  newly selected bid team until DebConf is held.

In order to reach a final decision in the bid process, the DebConf
Committee is highly invited to take input from the wider Debian

In the absence of mentors, DebConf Committee members are expected to
help selected teams to reach their goals.

2) Mentorship of DebConf teams

The appointed mentors are expected to:

- help the team in establishing appropriate structures and decision

- advise the team and share their experience of DebConf organization;

- monitor the progress of DebConf organization and ensure that the
  defined team structure and decision-making processes remain
  functional and sufficiently efficient to ensure a successful

3) Decision-making process

As last resort, the DebConf Committee can override specific decisions
in the context of DebConf organization. The Committee should not take
any decision until efforts to resolve it via consensus have been tried
and failed.

This special power should be left for extreme cases, e.g. when a
decision taken by the DebConf organizers is perceived by the DebConf
Committee as creating serious risks for the organization of DebConf or
for Debian.

Votes by members of the committee to appoint a mentor or to override
specific decisions of DebConf teams are made public. In order to avoid
dead-lock situations, the DebConf Committee appoints a Chair. The
latter has a casting vote.



Mehdi Dogguy

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