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Question to Brian: Why do you need to be DPL to set up foundations?

Dear Brian:

I've just read your platform.
For reasons that are slightly different than the ones you state, I tend
to agree that  setting up foundations sounds like a good idea.
And I think you have a significant chunk of the background to lead that

As an individual (read after my DPL term expires) I'd be very likely to
sponsor a GR as a referendum on this idea and even include text
delegating making it happen to you.

But I can't figure out why you'd need or want to be DPL to do that.

How would you handle the aspects of being DPL that are not related to
setting up a foundation?

You talk about bringing back a DPL helpers team.
What would that give us that we don't have today?

How would you lead over the next year in areas unrelated to  setting up
the foundation?

What do you think the big challenges that the DPL will face that are
unrelated to the foundation/administrative matters will be in 2020?

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