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Re: Proposal: Reaffirm our commitment to support portability and multiple implementations

>>>>> "Bdale" == Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> writes:

    Bdale> Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org> writes:
    >> I think the current GR is incorrectly framing the problem at
    >> hand, as if it was just an init system selection.

    Bdale> This resonates with me, but...

    >> I'm thus proposing the following:

    Bdale> I find this really appealing as a higher-level statement of
    Bdale> values and intent, but unfortunately, I don't think the text
    Bdale> does anything to help resolve the problems that Sam set out
    Bdale> to try and tackle with this GR.

    Bdale> I therefore find myself unwilling to second it, even though
    Bdale> on some level I would really like to.

I concur with Bdale and Russ.  If this option wins I find that I
wouldn't know how to go forward.  I started this process because there
were issues coming before me as DPL that I didn't know how to address
because I didn't understand the direction of the project.
This issue gives no guidance on the sorts of issues that I and the
policy editors are facing.  This option provides no guidance on how to
approach the patterns of behavior that Ian and I have seen on our lists.


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