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Proposal: Reaffirm our commitment to support portability and multiple implementations


I think the current GR is incorrectly framing the problem at hand,
as if it was just an init system selection. It seems to me, that an
init system is in principle just one of the many technologies we ship
and integrate. But at least when it comes to systemd, choosing that in
detriment to anything else, has a cascading effect of deciding on and
closing doors on a wide range of technologies which have been declared
incompatible by systemd upstream or by those other technologies.

For example the claims on "cross-distribution standards and
cooperation", are pretty much restricted to GNU/Linux (glibc-based),
not even say musl-based systems, or many other variations. systemd
provides many nice features, but at the same time, as with any
software, not all of them fit or are sufficient for all use cases or
requirements, and people do want or have to use alternatives for many
valid reasons.

I'm thus proposing the following:

Title: Reaffirm our commitment to support portability and multiple implementations

The Debian project reaffirms its commitment to be the glue that binds
and integrates different software that provides similar or equivalent
functionality, with their various users, be them humans or other software,
which is one of the core defining traits of a distribution.

We consider portability to different hardware platforms and software
stacks an important aspect of the work we do as a distribution, which
makes software architecturally better, more robust and more future-proof.

We acknowledge that different upstream projects have different views on
software development, use cases, portability and technology in general.
And that users of these projects weight tradeoffs differently, and have
at the same time different and valid requirements and/or needs fulfilled
by these diverse views.

Following our historic tradition, we will welcome the integration of
these diverse technologies which might sometimes have conflicting
world-views, to allow them to coexist in harmony within our distribution,
by reconciling these conflicts via technical means, as long as there
are people willing to put in the effort.

This enables us to keep serving a wide range of usages of our distribution
(some of which might be even unforeseen by us). From servers, to desktops
or deeply embedded; from general purpose to very specifically tailored
usages. Be those projects hardware related or software based, libraries,
daemons, entire desktop environments, or other parts of the software


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