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Re: Matthias's Choice 4

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 04:19:29PM +0100, Matthias Klumpp wrote:
> I think there are only two differences: [...]

there's a third, the title.

> However, I think it may be useful to highlight in the vote text
> somewhere that systemd is actually not just the init system, but a
> modular collection of different tools designed to work well together
> (many, but not all of them depending on systemd being PID 1), and that
> there may be benefit to the Debian operating system in deciding to
> adopt some of them, at least on the Linux ports. It's also worth
> noting that upstream projects may assume some of the facilities to be
> present on systems, and may make the distributor write the integration
> glue for non-systemd systems themselves if they don't want to support
> a configuration they don't run and test upstream. This makes package
> maintenance harder without commitment to some systemd stuff.

I agree.

regarding Matthias' text, I noticed there should be another sentence in
it: it's ok to close those 'please supply an initscript' bugs as wontfix.
(ok, but not recommended.)


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