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Matthias's Choice 4

>>>>> "Matthias" == Matthias Klumpp <matthias@tenstral.net> writes:

I'd like to understand how what you propose below differs from my choice
This is more or less  along the lines of what I meant to propose with
choice 3, and I'd like to understand what differences you see that
matter to you.

There's a reasonable possibility this can be consolidated with my choice

    Matthias> So, something like this maybe? (adapted from Alexander
    Matthias> E. Patrakov's text): ``` Choice 4: Focus on systemd as
    Matthias> init system and features requiring it

    Matthias> The Debian project recognizes that systemd service units
    Matthias> are nowadays the preferred configuration for describing
    Matthias> how to start a daemon/service.  Packages should include
    Matthias> service units. At the same time, the Debian project
    Matthias> acknowledges that maintainers and upstream developers are
    Matthias> often unable to provide high-quality (or any) support for
    Matthias> alternative init systems in their packages on their own
    Matthias> and can not or do not test that their packages work under
    Matthias> such init systems. It is not realistic to expect the
    Matthias> situation to improve, and Debian does not want to block
    Matthias> experimentation with new Linux-based technologies
    Matthias> developed under the systemd project umbrella or hinder
    Matthias> their adoption by requiring all other init systems to
    Matthias> support the same features as well (which may not even be
    Matthias> desired by those projects).  Therefore, Debian should
    Matthias> focus on a polished experience with systemd as init system
    Matthias> as first priority. Other init systems will remain
    Matthias> available as long as there is enough interest by people to
    Matthias> maintain them. Package maintainers are encouraged to
    Matthias> accept patches to support non-systemd configurations, as
    Matthias> long as the changes do not impair the user experience when
    Matthias> systemd is available. Package maintainers may split out
    Matthias> support for alternative init systems into separate binary
    Matthias> packages. Maintainers of other init systems are encouraged
    Matthias> to test support for their configurations if the package
    Matthias> maintainer can not do it.

    Matthias> Debian is still committed to working with derivatives that
    Matthias> make different choices about init systems.  ``` 

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