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Re: Q to all candidates: should we have more ports?

* Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> [2019-04-01 22:53]:
> These two words were meant to be a reference to today's date.
> I'm surprised that most candidates gave it real consideration. I'm sure
> they were simply trying their best to remain polite in the face of
> someone asking something stupid :-)

Oh boy.  I completely missed the date of your email.  So I definitely
get a fail on humour.

I did find it weird that all kernels you mentioned were proprietary,
but I thought the porting question itself was warranted (because
Debian always had an advantage in that area), and while I was reading
the Gentoo page I thought that more Debian technologies on top of
Windows (especially with their new Unix layer) and MacOS might be

So while I completely missed the April's fool, I did think your email
(maybe inadvertently ;) contained some good food for thought.

I think it always says a lot about today's open source world where a
hybrid proprietary + FOSS model is seen as quite normal rather than a

As DPL, I promise to stay away from the computer on April 1. ;)
Martin Michlmayr

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