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Re: General resolution: Changes to the Standard Resolution Procedure

Andreas: GR amendment proposal below.

Le lundi, 31 août 2015, 11.04:59 Axel Beckert a écrit :
> I would have preferred if "off-by-one" would have been used instead of
> "fencepost" as in the subject of the original GR proposal. That term
> is later missing in the announcement by Kurt as well as on
> https://www.debian.org/vote/2015/vote_002
> "off-by-one" is very common, self-descriptive and well-known even
> among non-native speakers. "fencepost" is not. (…)
> > or would you like to propose a GR amendment?
> As far as I understand this would mean proposing an alternative choice
> for the voter. In that case, the damage is already done and cannot be
> undone. This IMHO only makes sense if I'd propose different
> semantics.

The GR proposer can accept formal wording changes directly on his 
amendment proposal (§A.1.5).

I think the change would clarify the GR for more voters than only you, 
so I'm hereby asking Andreas whether he'd accept a wording change on his 
GR proposal as follows (%s/fencepost/off-by-one/g), under §A.1.5:

--- a/vote_002
+++ b/vote_002
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
   Committee could overrule a Developer with a supermajority of 3:1.

   Unfortunately, the definition of supermajorities in the SSD GR has a
   [-fencepost-]{+off-by-one+} error.  In the new text a supermajority
   requirement is met only if the ratio of votes in favour to votes
   against is strictly greater than the supermajority ratio.

@@ -78,9 +78,9 @@
   votes (whether General Resolutions or votes in the Technical
   Committee) in progress at the time the change is made.

   The effect is to fix the [-fencepost-]{+off-by-one+} bug, and
   arrange that failing asupermajority voids the whole decision (or
   makes it advisory), rather than promoting another option.  The
   [-fencepost-]{+off-by-one+} bugfix will also have a (negligible)
   effect on any General Resolutions requiring supermajorities.  And
   after this change the TC chair can choose a non-default option even
   if it is tied with a default


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