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Re: Q to all candidates: spending money

>>>>> "Lucas" == Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org> writes:

    Lucas> In his platform, Neil wrote:
    >> I will spend some money we have horded. Debian currently holds
    >> approximately $200,000 at SPI alone. Our donators didn't give us money
    >> for it to be sat around in a bank account, we should spend it to make
    >> the project more successful.

    Lucas> Other candidates: what will be your approach to that?

Already touched this elsewhere, at least in part, but a non-exhaustive
list would be:

* Outreach: One of the problematic thing about Debian is the lackluster
  recruitment. We hardly do any active recruiting. This is an area where
  supporting the outreach could yield great results. I'm not only
  thinking about Outreachy (but that's a wonderful programme too, about
  which I talked about briefly in an earlier mail), but about reaching
  people in other ways too.

  Sprints and meetings, while useful on their own too, may also be used
  for outreach. That would obviously runs the risk of making the sprint
  and the meeting less effective, and places more burden on the people
  involved. But perhaps if we've done them more frequently, with more
  people involved (just not at the same time), we could balance that

  Just to give an example: an ftp-* "sprint" that goes through NEW, and
  at the same time teaches the intricate details of licensing to
  participants would be educational. It may not attract many people, but
  who knows?

  I'm sure we can come up with Debian-funded events that benefit both
  Debian, and the wider community we want to recruit from.

* Meetings, sprints: Great stuff. I'm a big fan of in-person
  collaboration, and would like to encourage more of it. Possibly with
  travel or accomodation sponsorship.

* Conferences, events and the like: Similar to what Neil wrote: banners,
  leaflets, whatsoever. I'd even go as far as suggest that we could use
  Debian funds to cover the expense of people participating in paid-for
  events in some cases. Of course, one has to be *very* careful and
  strict about this one... I'm not entirely convinced it would be a good
  idea, but I'll just throw it in.

* Accounting & Treasury: See my reply to Martin. In short: outsourcing
  accounting & treasury to a professional agency is something I'd
  seriously consider.

    Lucas> All candidates: how will you reconcile that with the fact that the DPL
    Lucas> currently only has a limited vision of what funds are available, and how
    Lucas> they evolved over time?

See my reply to Martin's suggestion of outsourcing accounting &
treasury. Having a limited vision of what funds are available is
something we should fix, one way or the other. But until such time that
we have a clear view, seeing the larger picture, a rough estimate of how
much we get in, and how much we spend, is enough to base reasonable
decisions upon, without the risk of running out of money. (Better err on
the side of safety, and so on.)


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