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Re: Q to all candidates: the "DPL team"

>>>>> "martin" == martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> writes:

    martin> Have you considered working with a "DPL team" and if so, why have
    martin> you decided against including such plans in your platform?

Working with a DPL team has been at the back of my mind since zack's DPL
helpers initiative. However, this year, I have not considered it at
all. At least, not in the same sense.

    martin> On the other hand, if you're open to the idea, what do you think
    martin> worked well and what did not work in previous attempts? How would
    martin> you approach a "DPL team"?

The DPL already has the power to delegate tasks. I do not see how
electing more than one person would help with sharing the work: if it
can be shared, it is already possible to do so. Electing more people
would also overcomplicate the process.

If the "DPL team" would not be elected, then how would it be different
than a special delegation?

The only situation I can imagine that may work better than the status
quo, if people nominated themselves together, as a team. That would be
interesting to see, how it works. I see great potential in that, yet,
that's a much larger effort than running solo. Requires more
coordination, for one. Makes it harder to have a single point of
contact, whom other projects and entities can talk to... - just to name
a few things off the top of my head.

    martin> Do you have other ideas involving close cooperation with a few
    martin> people for increasing the efficiency of the DPL position, especially
    martin> since I understand none of you will be working on this full-time (…
    martin> which would be a whole different issue…)?

Since I will not be working full-time (to say the least), if elected, I
will *have to* involve people in close cooperation. I have a few people
in mind, whom I'd like to approach (but the time for that, in my
opinion, is after the vote).

As I wrote in my platform, one goal of mine is to take back the DPL role
to a level that is reasonably doable by a single person, and
delegates. To lower the expectations towards the single DPL, and
instead, spread that out over the entire project.


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