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Re: Alternative proposal: reaffirm maintainers technical competence over the software they maintain

Kurt Roeckx wrote:
> Either it's a position statement, or we're making position
> statement (4.1.5), or using the TC's power (4.1.4).
> In #727708 it says that a position statement will replace
> "this TC resolution".
> In #746715 there is no such text.
> So the question is going to be if this options overrides #746715
> or not.  I didn't look into it yet, so I might be turning 1 or
> more of the options into overrding the TC and put them under
> 4.1.4.

So if the project makes a "position statement about issues of the day",
it's not actually making a technical decision, but just a (nonbinding)
statement. A statement that the TC has decided will override their
(binding) decision.

Well, at least I've found yet another reason to perfer to not vote on
this GR: It's too darn complicated to understand the procedural hacking
that's going on.

see shy jo, srsly, you could learn what monads are in the time you'll
                   waste making an informed vote on this GR.

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