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Alternative proposal: reaffirm maintainers technical competence over the software they maintain

Dear fellow Developers,

I would like to propose the following amendment proposal,
and I hereby call for seconds.

** Begin Alternative Proposal **

  0. Rationale

  Debian has decided (via the Technical Committee) to change its
  default init system for the next release. The Technical Committee
  decided not to decide about the question of "coupling" i.e. whether
  other packages in Debian may depend on a particular init system.

  This GR reaffirms the Debian Social Contract #4, in such a way
  that Debian acknowledges the choices made by both the software
  developers (also known as upstream developers) and the Debian
  package maintainers to provide the best free software to our users.

  Upstream developers considering specific free software (including,
  but not limited to, a particular init system executed as PID 1)
  fundamental to deliver the best software releases, are fully entitled
  to require, link, or depend on that software, or portions of it.

  Debian maintainers' work is aiming to respect the Debian Social
  Contract, in such a way to provide our users the best free software

  Debian maintainers are fully entitled to provide modifications to
  the free software packages they maintain as per DFSG #3, if they
  judge this necessary to provide the best software releases.
  On the other hand, Debian maintainers are fully entitled to adhere
  to upstream's decisions to require, link, or depend on specific free
  software (including, but no limited to, particular init system executed
  as PID 1), if they consider it necessary to prevent delivering broken,
  buggy, or otherwise incomplete software packages.

The Debian Project states that:

1. Exercise of the TC's power to set policy

  For jessie and later releases, the TC's power to set technical
  policy (Constitution 6.1.1) is exercised as follows:

2. Specific init systems as PID 1

  Debian packages may require a specific init system to be executed
  as PID 1 if their maintainers consider this a requisite for its proper
  operation by clearly mark this in package descriptions and/or
  by adding dependencies in order to enforce this; and no patches
  or other derived works exist in order to support other init systems
  in such a way to render software usable to the same extent.

3. Evidence of defects (bugs)

  We strongly reaffirm Debian maintainers are not deliberately hiding
  problems (Social Contract #3). No technical decisions shall be
  overruled if no proper evidence of defects, issued in the Debian Bug
  Tracking system, is found. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are not
  considered as evidence of defects.

This resolution is a Position Statement about Issues of the Day
(Constitution 4.1.5), triggering the General Resolution override clause
in the TC's resolution of the 11th of February.

The TC's decision on the default init system for Linux in jessie stands

However, the TC resolution is altered to add the additional text above
in sections #1, #2 and #3.

** End Proposal **

Thank you for reading so far.


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