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Re: Alternative proposal: reaffirm maintainers technical competence over the software they maintain

Luca Falavigna wrote:
>   The Technical Committee
>   decided not to decide about the question of "coupling" i.e. whether
>   other packages in Debian may depend on a particular init system.

The tech committe made a separate ruling on this question, and decided:
  For the record, the TC expects maintainers to continue to support
  the multiple available init systems in Debian.  That includes
  merging reasonable contributions, and not reverting existing
  support without a compelling reason.

So, your proposal actually overrules this decision of the tech

IIRC, the TC decided to let their decision on
https://bugs.debian.org/727708 be overridden by a simple majority. But
not their decision on #746715. So wouldn't this amendment need a 2:1
majority to pass?

see shy jo

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