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Re: Re: Re-Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems

On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 03:26:57AM +0100, Jonathan de Boyne Pollard wrote:
> Perhaps if you picked something other than runit you'd make your point more
> effectively.  Try using the case of someone who makes a tool that depends
> from System V init running as process #1.  It is hardly farfetched.  I've
> seen at least two people publicly point out in the past several months that
> they had something set up in /etc/inittab that broke when they switched to
> an alternative bootstrap system.  (A lot of people conflate "init" with
> "rc".  It's not System V init that other bootstrap systems sometimes provide
> shims and compatibility mechanisms for.  It's System V rc, more specifically
> the /etc/rc?.d/* scripts that it runs.)  There's also a Debian bug or two.
> So the question that you should be asking to make your point is probably
> this: The resolution says that "In general, software may not require a
> specific init system to be pid 1.".  Does this mean that softwares that make
> use of /etc/inittab, which is peculiar to (in Ian Jackson's own words) "a
> specific init system" (its contents, outwith sometimes the run level line,
> being not processed at all by any of upstart, systemd, runit-init,
> s6-svscan, the nosh system or service managers, minit, jinit, or finit), are
> unfit for inclusion in Debian according to Ian Jackson's resolution?

Yes, they almost certainly would be unfit for inclusion.  Which is actually
the status quo today, as inittab is a non-conffile config file with no
management interface to permit additional packages to hook into it - making
it a policy violation for other packages to edit this file.

So I believe the requirements here are symmetric, and there's certainly no
reason to think that the requirements are onerous because it would forbid
integrating with /etc/inittab.

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