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Re: Alternative proposal: reaffirm maintainers technical competence over the software they maintain

Luca Falavigna <dktrkranz@debian.org> writes:

> I would like to propose the following amendment proposal,
> and I hereby call for seconds.
> ** Begin Alternative Proposal **
>   0. Rationale
>   Debian has decided (via the Technical Committee) to change its
>   default init system for the next release. The Technical Committee
>   decided not to decide about the question of "coupling" i.e. whether
>   other packages in Debian may depend on a particular init system.
>   This GR reaffirms the Debian Social Contract #4, in such a way
>   that Debian acknowledges the choices made by both the software
>   developers (also known as upstream developers) and the Debian
>   package maintainers to provide the best free software to our users.
>   Upstream developers considering specific free software (including,
>   but not limited to, a particular init system executed as PID 1)
>   fundamental to deliver the best software releases, are fully entitled
>   to require, link, or depend on that software, or portions of it.
>   Debian maintainers' work is aiming to respect the Debian Social
>   Contract, in such a way to provide our users the best free software
>   available.
>   Debian maintainers are fully entitled to provide modifications to
>   the free software packages they maintain as per DFSG #3, if they
>   judge this necessary to provide the best software releases.
>   On the other hand, Debian maintainers are fully entitled to adhere
>   to upstream's decisions to require, link, or depend on specific free
>   software (including, but no limited to, particular init system executed
>   as PID 1), if they consider it necessary to prevent delivering broken,
>   buggy, or otherwise incomplete software packages.
> The Debian Project states that:
> 1. Exercise of the TC's power to set policy
>   For jessie and later releases, the TC's power to set technical
>   policy (Constitution 6.1.1) is exercised as follows:
> 2. Specific init systems as PID 1
>   Debian packages may require a specific init system to be executed
>   as PID 1 if their maintainers consider this a requisite for its proper
>   operation by clearly mark this in package descriptions and/or
>   by adding dependencies in order to enforce this; and no patches
>   or other derived works exist in order to support other init systems
>   in such a way to render software usable to the same extent.
> 3. Evidence of defects (bugs)
>   We strongly reaffirm Debian maintainers are not deliberately hiding
>   problems (Social Contract #3). No technical decisions shall be
>   overruled if no proper evidence of defects, issued in the Debian Bug
>   Tracking system, is found. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are not
>   considered as evidence of defects.
> This resolution is a Position Statement about Issues of the Day
> (Constitution 4.1.5), triggering the General Resolution override clause
> in the TC's resolution of the 11th of February.
> The TC's decision on the default init system for Linux in jessie stands
> undisturbed.
> However, the TC resolution is altered to add the additional text above
> in sections #1, #2 and #3.
> ** End Proposal **



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