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Re: Re-Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems


On 17.10.2014 16:54, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:

>> If the fix is not easy then we have three options: the release team
>> mark it `jessie-ignore', the GNOME maintainers fix it, or GNOME is
>> removed from jessie.

> The implication here appears to be troubling for any upstream who wants
> to rely on specific features of a given initsystem.

The implication of not making sure packages get along with each other
may be that system administrators need to decide which of the mutually
exclusive desktop systems they can offer their users.

> I don't think this makes sense -- we should not be rejecting upstream
> packages from debian just because they are designed to take advantage of
> features of a given init system.

No, but I think we should reject packages that are mutually exclusive
with unrelated packages because they require incompatible choices of
packages they depend on.

Policy is rather strict on "Conflicts" as an absolute last-resort for
packages that really cannot be co-installed, and it is reserved mostly
for file conflicts between packages with similar functionality. Even the
Provides/Conflicts for "mail-transport-agent" was controversial.

Allowing packages to depend on mutually conflicting packages introduces
conflicts between otherwise unrelated and co-installable packages.

This is what we want to avoid.


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