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Re: Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems

On Sun, Mar 02, 2014 at 08:22:14PM +0000, Matthew Vernon wrote:

> > > Second, Matthew's proposal explicitly doesn't change the TC decision, so
> > > I'm not even sure what you think would be aborted here.  It wouldn't have
> > > any effect on the choice of default.  It dictates in a top-down manner to
> > > individual developers how to do their work and undermines the flexibility
> > > of Debian contributors in ways that I think are unnecessary and a little
> > > condescending, and requires work be done without identifying anyone who is
> > > going to do the work, which is why I voted against it.  But it's not some
> > > sort of end-run around the previous decision.

> > The previous decision does say that it is replaced completely by the
> > text of such a position statement and I do note that the proposed GR
> > does, very carefully, not refer to systemd as the default.  It makes for
> > a clumsier construction, which when combined with the level of legal-ish
> > arguments being made here, makes me suspicious.

> Please don't read anything into the lack of mentioning systemd in my
> GR proposal. I in no way intend to undermine their decision that
> systemd is the default linux init for jessie. I thought "The TC's
> decision on the default init system for Linux in jessie stands
> undisturbed." was clear enough.

Given the ambiguity about whether this GR vacates the earlier TC decision, I
think it would be best to simply include in your GR text a statement that

  The Debian project reaffirms the decision of the TC to make systemd the
  default init system for jessie.

(Then I suppose if people don't actually want to reaffirm this, they can
propose amendments to the contrary; but AFAICS it's better to be explicit

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