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Re: GR proposal: code of conduct

On Mon, February 24, 2014 08:47, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> - "The administrators will divulge any bans to all Debian Developers for
>   review". I know that this is the case for lists.d.o now, but I never saw
>   other anything from other services. Are _all_ other administrators of
>   'Debian communication forums' aware of that change? If we go that way,
>   we should probably move away from announcing them on -private and move
>   to something else. Like an mbox on master, or something else (and in my
>   eyes - non-public).

It may make sense to publish bans in-band in the medium where they apply
as much as possible. ML bans are sent to a mailinglist, IRC bans can be
viewed already via the IRC protocol; probably it would also make sense if
bans on the web forum would also somehow be registered in the context of
that forum.


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