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Next DPL election


As it has been done by other DPLs in the past, I think that it makes
sense for the DPL to announce his/her plans way before the next DPL

So, let's do that now: I will run for reelection.

That decision has not been easy to make. As I've already mentioned in
the past, the workload involved in being the DPL is just huge. I
wasn't expecting it to be light of course, and maybe it's just me not
being very efficient at it, but I know that if I don't spend 1.5 to 2
full days working on Debian per week, my backlog tends to increase. And
there's a lot of things that I'd like to do, but just do not find the
time to do. I must also admit that I feel quite hacking-deprived: I
would love to be able to spend more time on technical stuff.

But then, there are many more reasons to run again.

The first one is that it's about Debian, of course. We should all be
very proud of what we are building together. I feel very honored to play
such a role in such a great community. You are all great, really.

There are many people in Debian who would be great as the DPL. However,
most of them are also great at all the important stuff they currently do
inside Debian. I'm very happy that I easily found many great people to
step in for what I used to do in Debian[1], but then it also means that
I really don't feel a need to return to non-DPL tasks, since it's taken
care of so well. :-) But those transitions have a cost, and I'd rather
avoid losing one great contributor in another area of Debian because
he/she becomes the DPL.

  [1] Special thanks to the Ruby dream team (Cédric Boutillier and 
  Antonio Terceiro desserve a special mention), to David Suárez for
  taking over the archive rebuilds, and to Ivo De Decker for maintaining

Another reason is that I learned a lot of things during that year as the
DPL, and it would not feel quite fair for me to leave now, without first
giving back a bit more. There are some things which did not go perfectly
well, too, and I'd love to have an opportunity to do better.

Finally, it seems that the init system debate is approaching an end (or
at least I hope so). After those very difficult times, I think that some
stability could be useful.

Of course, I don't want to discourage anyone from running in the DPL
election. I must admit that, personnally, I find the idea of a rather
quiet campaign quite appealing. But those campaigns are important times
for Debian. Also, I'm open to discussing ideas such as DPL helpers, 2IC,
etc. I don't think that we should make dramatic moves such as changing
the consitution *yet*, but we should certainly think about more
sustainable models for Debian governance. I'll try to write up my own
thoughts on that soon.



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