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Re: GR proposal: code of conduct

Sam Hartman writes ("Re: GR proposal: code of conduct"):
> I'd be happy to sponsor a resolution that simply adopted the COC as a
> position statement of the day and asked the appropriate parties to take
> that as the project's current position.
> I think the DPL and listmasters can figure out where on the website to
> put it, and can figure out how to evolve it.
> If what we're trying to say is that today, her and now, this is what we
> believe, then let's just say that.
> So, my preference is to keep the COC inline and lose all the text about
> where it goes or how its updated.  Just say it's our position statement
> at time of adoption.
> to me that explicitly lets existing normal processes evolve it.

At the very least it doesn't do so _explicitly_.  You are really
saying that it does so implicitly.  I think it is better to be

That will save us future argument if the DPL says they are amending
the CoC and someone objects on the grounds that it ought to go through
another GR.


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